What do you think is the right age to talk to your child about sex?

Answer #1

anywhere between 10-12 years old.

Answer #2

The sooner the better. I believe in telling a young child where babies “actually” come from and using childrens terms to explain sex. The older they get the more information you can give them over time. Atleast by 12-13 years old a child should know about protection, birth control, and reproduction.

Answer #3

Some kids already know about it in grade 2.

Answer #4

I think you should have the talk when the child is getting to that age where they’re going through puberty and getting curious.. maybe even sooner, actually. My parents didn’t have the talk with me.. so I learned from research on my own. I didn’t fully understand it until I was about 15 or 16 which was way too late.. When a kid doesn’t have the knowledge, I think they are more likely to mess up and think their actions won’t have consequences.

Answer #5

I think a good time to do this is before they get “the talk” at school. It’s better if they hear it from their parents first, before they hear it at school.

Answer #6

i think around the age of 8 thats when i learned about it, and if u dont tell ur kids about it they are most likely gonna hear it at school the way the schools are today.

Answer #7

My grandparents took the easy way out and rented a video from the library and made me watch it when I was 10 years old.

Answer #8

i just learned bits and pieces over time

Answer #9

Well I Think the soon the better. B/c now of days people talk about s%x all the time. And It’s better for them to heard it from you 1st before they hear about it from their freinds.Me being 14 people try to peer in to all this stuff saying that it won’t happen to me, you won’t get Pregeant,r@.ped, or get a STD. I know all those things can happen but I know it WON’T happen to me, I can control my hormones and I KNOW not to mess around with a guy to that point. My parents never really talked to me about men or s$x,and I wish they would have. But I was lucky b/c I knew right from wrong and have to much pride to have s&x at this age or be for im marryed. But your child might not be to lucky and get sucked to this picture the Media and their are friends are making and jacked up thier whole lives. :D Hope this helps

Answer #10

There is no specific age. Just tell the truth with age appropriate information and remember you don’t have to give all the details.

My 3 year old daughter was fascinated with the National Geographic video “In The Womb” and watched it over and over again. Finally she asked, “If the sperm come from daddy and the ovum from mommy how do they get together?” We managed to change the subject but since she was conceived in vitro we could have told her that doctor’s mix them together on a small plate called a Petri dish, in her case anyway.

Answer #11

I think anywhere from 8-11. The sooner the better.

Answer #12

i would think somewhere from 14-16 years old. that way they’re old enough to understand

Answer #13

as soon as they start to question anything.

Answer #14

I think children should be educated about sex quite early. In my school (my Catholic school!) it started about 7 or 8, which I think was good. The fact is, children are going to hear about sex sooner than you want anyway, so would you rather them get the facts from you, or the version they hear from their friends and the media? A girl can go through puberty from around age 9, so they need to know whats happening to them. The way I was raised, sex wasnt stigmatised, and it could be discussed in a straight-forward manner.

Answer #15

there is not really an age for a kid 2 start talking some kids r slower than others and take longer start talking but if he /she dose not start talking around 2 u may need 2 get him/her checked for mintal handy caps

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