What age can you buy ciggerates, black and milds, etc?

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"your reply is to short" you can buy ciggerates at age 18

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Yep, eighteen is the legal age to be able to purchase cigarettes. I suggest being able to spell "cigarettes" first before you go off making the decision to wreak your health by smoking them.

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Michelle AKA SatanHeadBangsToMetal

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You can legally get lung cancer at 18

what is a "black & mild?"
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there is no lregal age to buy cigarette LIGHTERS, however you need to legally be an 18 year adult (with the I.D to prove it) to buy cigarettes

What age can you buy condoms from uni mart?

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18 most states, I live in Alabama and it's 19 here.

Is there a certain age to buy condoms?
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17 in Georgia

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17 in Georgia

Black and milds ??

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