Where can i get affordable scene/emo clothes?

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Ross seems to have all sorts of scene stuff you can mix and match. Very affordable, too!

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Thrift shops are great for clothes like that. You can find pieces at almost any store to make a scene/emo outfit it just depends on how you piece them together and what accessories you wear. Walmart and target also carry tons of cheap clothes tha follow that stereotype.

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Clearance at hot topic, second hand/thrift stores, I got some killer skinny jeans at pacsun (but their shirts suck) I've gotten some things at forverr 21 that are pretty scene, but you can't always find stuff there, umm there's this French store called pimkie that has awesome stuff, but you have to order online. H&M sometimes has good stuff, like tee shirts.... And the tee shirt brand junk food has good tees(:
hope this helps!!

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I vote for thrift stores. Cheap, fun and awesome when you find something fun or useful for a good price :)

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hot topic... or i cant remember the name but they have really good cheap clothes... ima have to get back to you when i remember, but ross is also a good place to go.. so is target & walmart (sometimes)

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