What is an advisor and what do they do?

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As the others say. But I don't want to be one. Britz can just fix my things if I ask her.

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Straight from the advisors page: Advisors are the official voice of Funadvice, and are users just like you and me. Users get promoted to advisors when they've either been ranked highly by other users, or have just provided great answers.

Our job is to look at the questions and answers and make sure they abide by the terms of use. The ones that are not get locked and then deleted.

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We are here to ensure your experience is a fun one. We come on regularly and check out questions and pictures and go through the advise given to make sure there are no rude or dodgy people. We want to make it so you enjoy it and come back all the time.
And we are volunteers.

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they look at the stuff we put for questions and see if they are bad questions and look at our answers.

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Advisors are people who monitor the site- go to the advisors page and check it out. http://www.funadvice.com/advisors
That should give you the info you are looking for.

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