why do adults think teens don't have stress?

Answer #1

Why do you think adults think teens don’t have stress? lol…

Answer #2

Parents would probably thinks this for multiple reasons. 1. our life is easy going with them taking care of us

  1. we don’t worry about many things like running out of money for rent
  2. also we just often look like we have a lot of fun and go crazy
Answer #3

Teens have stress, yes. But it doesn’t get any better as you get older, and I’m sure it frustrates parents that young stupid teenagers don’t realize that. Having to hand in your homework on time in grade eleven, or worry about whether that cute boy is going to ask you to prom is not as stressful as it may seem.

Answer #4

They know they have stress they just know that is not the stress that adults have to deal with. There are kids who have stress in an adult level but is rare. But perents know, they just set levels.

Answer #5

well, my mom asked how could a teen have stress to me a couple days ago

Answer #6

To rephrase what haloyeah said, adults are well aware teens have stress. What most teens lack is a well developed sense of perspective. And it is frustrating to adults, for example, to hear a girl claim it’s the end of the world because a guy didn’t call. It isnt the end of the world. What is closer to the end of the world is losing your job and having your kids out on the street. Perspective. And because of this difference in perspectives adults sometimes are not able to empathize with teens. Just because it isnt really the end of the world that the guy didnt call, doesn’t mean it doesn’t really hurt. Adults forget that sometimes.

Answer #7

I know in my culture, children tradionally were to be heard and not seen and stress was made off (when my parents were younger) as being laziness and other things, so I suppose because it was never recognised when they were younger. Not all people see it that teenagers do not have stress. I was extremely stressed as a teenager and my parents never addressed it, I ended up with panic attacks and ulcers a bit later on. Also stress gets worse often as you go on, so for them the type of stress that a teenager is experiencing, just isn’t relevant.

Answer #8

Many parents still see their children as, well, children. They either cannot see what could cause stress in kids’ lives or deny it to bring more attention to their own problems. Adults and teenagers both have stress; they just come in different forms. Adults have to provide for a family. Teenagers have to suffer with stressful assignments and making decisions each day that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Adults need to understand that teenagers are often at the most vulnerable and miserable time of their lives, and teenagers also need to accept that adults need to work hard to keep everybody afloat.

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