adult websites setting one up to make money?

my friend madison who is of age BTW is setting up an adult website but she wants people to pay to see it without haveing to pay for a domain name is there a way she can join a site or use a site such as free webbbs* and also get paid?

Answer #1

to put it simply you have to spend money to make money

Answer #2

Try Yahoo,they are a big company who also offers people to make websites,Yola also which is free only $20 for a domain a year. Blogspot I believe let’s you create a website,I THINK.

Answer #3

What’s the point if people are not going to pay? She wont get anything out of it. I agree you do have to spend money to make it.

Answer #4

No I think what he’s saying is that she wants people to pay, but she doesn’t want to pay the cost of buying a domain and hosting to put the website together. If this is so all I can recommend is maybe an free adult blog servicewhich you can do a search for - also this free hosting company might work too as they say they do accept adult hosting

Answer #5

Tell her not to make people pay! people will just qo to

Answer #6

go to lots of good information. You can even submit questions to them and get a pro’s advice.

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