I need a little adoption advice kinda

I hate my mother with a passion and I want my because to adopt me but my mom wont let her I have a legit reason to why and so I was wondering how long it would take and what the actions are that I will have to take for her to do it all so I am getting ssi and my mom got a car with my ssi money will that car be going to me if this happens cause If I'm not there it's not supporting me

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I can't buy a car with no money
Oh nvm your advice is useless

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so pretty much I just let over 3,000 dollars down the drain and fu*k up my life more then it all ready is ok got it

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I meant cousin not because I don't know why I all ways put because

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don't judge what I say but cause shes not fit to be a mother if you ask me

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well why do you hate her?

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talk to her or do something nice like buy
a car

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you're going to be 18 in a couple of months? a custody hearing could take months... and unless she's abusing you there's a low chance of anyone else actually getting custody of you... I'd wait it out...

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Ok, you can spend the next couple of months fighting her in court. I hope you have money to spend on a lawyer.

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You can for sure fight her for spending your money on herself a new car.
You can call any lawyers office that specailizes in adoption in your area and ask them questions. Getting a proffessional opinion will be the best way.

seeing in the previous advice you will be 18 soon. ? Then you can move out and that money is supposed to be yours.

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u obviously don't know what it's like to be adopted, and there are children and other people who are far worse off than u... Some don't even have homes, some don't have parents...

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