How do admins on here detect fraud in the points systems?

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Let's see:
1) we're suffering from a lot of fraud right now
2) we outline, in detail, our methods to deal with it
3) spammers and scammers then have a roadmap on how to effectively commit MORE fraud

...I can't see any possible "good" answer here. Sorry.

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Oh, I thought maybe you guys looked at IP addresses and stuff like that.

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As I said: it doesn't matter what we look at...there is nothing I can see as positive coming from us revealing any particular methodology. Sorry :(

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Ohh, Sorry, I read that wrong :P

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ya it kinda sucks my mother was recently banned for fraud but she didnt do anything she only had like 40 points had only been on for a week.. they never emailed her back when she asked what she did wrong.. it kinda sucked.. she didnt even know what the likes meant lol i hadnt even gotton around to explaining it to her.. oh well

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@purroo, this is the prime reason why you should *always* view a sites Terms of Use and FAQ pages when you create an account. Once you sign up, you are bound to those terms and ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

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