Who here is addicted to StarBucks coffee?

Answer #1

I ammmm :) insanely expensive for coffee, but so, SO worth it.

Answer #2

I don’t like starbucks coffee >.<

Answer #3

I am! i LOve their frappucinos!

Answer #4

what is it? i drink nescafe gold blend

Answer #5

well never had Starbuck, but i am very badly addicted to Coffee

Answer #6

Frappucinos and their cappucinos are the best.

Answer #7

I’m addicted to coffee but not Starbucks. While I admire Starbucks as a company I don’t like their coffee. They over-roast their coffee beans.

I’f they’d add a medium roast 100% columbian or a light roast Kona to their offerings I’d give ‘em another try.

Answer #8

Im only in luv with 2 things there MOCHA FRAPP and there insanely in my opinion addictive blueberry muffins!!! Lol

Answer #9

i love iced caramel macchiato and caffe mocha :-) frap too!

Answer #10

I agree, vehemently.

Answer #11

meee :)

Answer #12

I hate starbucks. Starbucks is blasphemy. If you mention starbucks at my favourite cafe, they would probably spit in your drink or something. I like GOOD coffee!

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