Difference between starbucks coffee and pete's cofffee?

Does anybody know the difference between starbucks coffee and pete’s cofffee? Both of the companies seem very socially concious, progressive, and brew a great cup of coffee. However, I think they are seperate companies, right? If so, can somebody tell me what the main difference between them is, or is it just that Pete’s is much smaller than Starbucks?

Answer #1

“Known as the “grandfather of specialty coffee,” Peet’s Coffee & Tea has been a Berkeley institution since we started more than four decades ago.” From Peet’s website: http://www.peets.com/who_we_are/history_vine.asp

Starbucks was started in Seattle, and when Howard Shultz joined them, he helped grow them into a global phenomenon.

So the main difference seems to be that Peet’s is a California company, and much smaller, than Seattle based Starbucks.

Hope this helps.

Answer #2

i find that peets coffee tastes like actual coffee even if you get something that should taste like chocolate or mocha. but starbucks tastes like whatever it says it will so i like starbucks better.

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