Is there a way to get Adderol without a prescription?

Answer #1

Yes. There’s ways to get anything you want to get. I just dont know whether it would be legal or not. Why on earth would you want to take amphetamines. They’re highly addictive. You might as well be taking coc.aine.

Answer #2

I know, that but, i live in UAE, its not like the states, so and i dont wanna do it for recreational purposes, i need for an upcoming exam D:

Answer #3

That is not the proper (or healthy) way to prepare for an exam.

Answer #4

Yes. Which is why I said I dont know if it would illegal or not. Where I’m from, you just walk into a pharmacy. Well regardless, still not going to enlighten you on how to get a hold of People have been passing exams for years without the help of amphetamines. I know this seems like a huge deal now. But there’s always going to be some reason to take it. You’ll have exams every year for a few years. Then you’ll have work to do. Things that cant wait. Slippery slope. And I also know that nothing I have just said is going to register, but I tried.

Answer #5

Whether you need it for an upcoming exam (an excuse alot of people use, there are other ways to stay up and study) or are using it recreationally, without a prescription, adderall is an illegal Its highly addictive and can become habit forming very easily even when not intended to be. No one on here is going to give you advice on how to illegaly get pills.

Answer #6

@anglee 27 im not cheating, im just trying to be at my best form for exams. it only boosts your brain to focus properly. @Tyy, i guess so, but it is an important thing for me, I could be the first person to go to college in my family. also we are not very rich so i am their only hope.

Answer #7

I understand that. My parents and grandparents didnt go to college either. But that’s why it is even more important that you stay away from the dr.ugs. Because they are counting on you not to screw it up. Make no mistake, amphetamines are very serious They’ve packaged it in a pill but it is still a dru.g. When I was in the 11th grade, those exams were critical. When I was in the 13th grade, those exams were critical. My SATs were critical. Once I hit college, every semester, those finals were critical. Getting good GREs were critical. Once I finished college, and started my post-grad work, every semester, those exams were critical. Now I’m working. I have work to get done at a deadline. That is critical. It never ends. And so you take these pills once. And you figure no big deal. But when does it become a big deal? How do you think people become addicted to No one goes in thinking that they’ll end up getting hooked on the dr.ugs.

Answer #8

Your future is too important to screw it up by one stupid decision. Study. Then study some more. You’ll be fine. There’s nothing the can give you that you cant do for yourself. Remember that dru,,gs arent magic. They work with what we’ve already got.

Answer #9

From what I read UAE has very strict laws and severe punishment for offenders. I wouldn’t want to be caught with any medications that I didn’t have a valid prescription for there.

Is having a little more focus worth the risk? Also, if you don’t have experience with Adderall you may find that it doesn’t help or may even hurt your performance.

Personally I drank a bunch of coffee before taking my GRE. Completely legal and I had extensive experience with caffeine.

Answer #10

Trust me, you don’t want to use Adderol (or any other prescription drg) UNLESS you have a prescription. I don’t care if it’s for an exam, you need a proper diagnosis and prescription, otherwise, it can do many things, such as alter your mood, make you sleep too little/too much, cause you harm, etc. Even “safe” doctor-prescribed dr*s can be dangerous and unsafe if used wrecklessly. Hell, even over-the-counter cough medicine can hurt you if misused. If you think you need it, talk to your doctor, otherwise avoid it at all costs. I took Adderol once (doctor prescribed) and it wasn’t the most pleasent thing.

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