Is actuarial science really tough?

I've asked a lot of people and the first thing that came in that in their mind was 'hard' and that's it. What do you think?

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I cant say for certain, never having studied this, but from what I can tell it seems to be a lot of statistics and financial stuff. I kind of like statistics for some reason. The finance stuff I find pretty boring, but in the brief time I did study it for a bit it didnt seem too difficult. It depends on the person though, because what is hard for someone isnt difficult at all for someone else.

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The computer programming and economics side of it seem hard to me, but again, it doesnt mean its difficult for everyone.

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Thank you for your thought. I really appreciate it. I thought of pursuing Actuarial Science rather than typically taking up a Business Course.All those financial stuff, I did learn Financial Management, which is The Introduction to Finance, it is pretty boring. I like Statistics too. Not to forget Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry :). I have so much fun doing maths although I do suck at it at times. I can actually do it(Actuarial Science) locally. But, if I were to succeed, I'll have to take the professional papers somewhere else instead(Australia, Canada, England,etc) which is of course makes it better as I'll have a better chance in some other country. I shouldn't take other peoples thought for granted though. If I never risk trying, then I'll never know how far I can go. Guess what? I'm gonna go for it. Thanks again :). You're one of a few that actually have a different thought about it(Actuarial Science).

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