How can I act on impulse more often?

There are things I want to do but I end up overthinking and loose the opportunity so what can I do to be more impulsive?

Answer #1

This is definitely hard to answer… I working to be more spontaneous/impulsive too (and hopefully stop overthinking). Before I answer, do you mean more impulsive in like social situations, in school, in life decisions, or what?

Answer #2

yea in a social situation and in being intimate(kissing) my boyfriend

Answer #3

Not that I am any better, because I can be shy as hell, but just try your best and prepare your mind ahead of time. A lot of times over thinking can lead to doubts, which is probably what’s going on in your situation. You’re afraid of screwing something up, or you’re just too nervous. I think part of this just has to do with being a teenager, and perhaps anxiety. I over think just about every social interaction, too (especially w/ guys); dissecting every intricate detail, instead of going with the flow. I think it’s so important for you to just keep in mind that your boyfriend isn’t going to judge you. I’m sure he’d be more than happy if you started being more spontaneous and initiating more in the relationship, so try and build up the courage to take some chances. You’re more than likely not going to regret them. I promise it will get easier and easier once you start taking those leaps of faith and trying.

Answer #4

Well, if part of you thinks even for a second that you want something, dont give yourself time to think, go for it. Dont worry about regretting it later, because at some point it was what you really wanted. Do what makes you happy, you are young (im not saying decisively choose to throw away your life, but give yourself the chance to live and experience life while you are young and healthy). Let go of whatever is holding you back. Stop caring about what other people will think or say. Get out of your head and follow your heart, follow what you feel, do what you want - not necessarily what you think people expect of you or what will benefit you the most in the long run. When you are in a situation where you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself, fully give in to it: live in that moment, for that moment, and stop thinking about what comes next. There is no magic trick to becoming more impulsive, it is all a matter of changing your mindset. I could throw a thousand cliches at you, but they wouldn’t amount to anything more than that (or temporary inspiration at best). If you find yourself stuck and realize you are overthinking something, stop, close your eyes for a second if you have to, take a breath, and go for it. Make a decision. Being indecisive is the only wrong choice. If it was a mistake, oh well, you are 17, you are allowed to make mistakes. Hey, half the time “mistakes” make some of the best memories. When you are older, you are going to regret the choices you didnt make. If you never do something, you will be stuck wondering ‘what if’, if you realize something was a mistake, well at least you know and can learn from it. I don’t know about you, but when I am older and looking back at my life, I would rather be flooded by a thousand memories, good and bad, rather than a thousand ‘what if’s’.

Answer #5

I don’t know. Maybe one day you will just wake up and say “ this, I’m bored” and just start taking chances haha. Honestly I think its got something to do with the fact that you think that you have such an insured grip on life, and you feel that one wrong move and everything will just spiral out of control, and that you won’t know what to do. So you maintain a risk free routine, and you stick to the safe zone away from the edge of the cliff, in fear of how far the fall may be. Now I know your question is how, not what, but I will say that once you break through that safe zone you will see that you can do anything, you’re free, and you can fly (btw I don’t mean you specifically. I meant that as my theory on why people in general are unable to be more impulsive).

Answer #6

Being impulsive or not happens naturally. But you can learn to be more active by sharing ideas with your more experienced friends.

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