acne, and healthy skin products

Do you guys know any acne treatments that actually works, and is affordable thats available at walmart?

Oh, and also does anyone know any good skin products that’s also affordable, and that is at walmart? The kind that’s good for dry skin, aging affects, and etc…

sorry about the walmart thing. That’s the only place my parent’s will go. haha

no stupid, or rude answers please… lolz

Answer #1

You’re looking for anti-aging creams already and your parents are the ones that are bringing you there? D:

Answer #2

Acne can be a bad problem for some people including myself. I found some great articles about acne treatments at well worth a look!

Answer #3

My skin is really sensitive, so really everything I use dries out my face. I use the neutrogena Wave. I know about 10 people who use Noxzema, it’s in a jar and it’s kind of pasty. It’s at wal-mart and it’s about $4. Good Luck!

Answer #4

nutrogena works wonders and so does biore. and for skin I would use olay. all at walmart lolz.

                                hope I helped.
Answer #5

I dont live near a wall mart, but live round shops of that chain. Try tea tree oil, it can do wonders for the skin, so it might do good for acne Also try using coconut body butter, it leaves your skin feeling soft and youthful. If you can try the exfoliating coconut lotion, the pieces in it will help to remove dead and old skin and replace it with a more youthful layer. This should be quite cheap Hope this has helped

Answer #6

I have tried all the skin care stuff out there, from what people say works and stuff. And what I have concluded is that everyone is different, so something that works for me might not work for you.

The only thing that works for me is Noxema, antibacterial wash. Also, for immediate relief, I use this Clean and Clear product that comes in a small silver tube with a purple cap. Hope it helps. Oh, and if you have sensative skin that dries out easily, try baby lotions, I’ve heard they are great and wont dry you out.

Answer #7

hey acne is a common problem with people just clense and moisturise every day and night and youl soon notice a diff.. the sun also helps .. try to avoid oily creams tho ;)

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