how accurate would an ultrasound determin the gender at 5 days before ur 19th week?

Answer #1

With good ultrasound equipment, a skilled operator, and a little luck (the region needs to be visible) you should know with somewhere around 90% certainty the gender of your baby.

Answer #2

It should be fully clear by 19 weeks what gender you are having. Although the babies position, the equipment, and the xray tech all have a part in how accurate the ultrasound is. I found out my son was a boy at 20 weeks and with this pregnancy i was 20 weeks along also, both times i got very clear pictures of my child and what gender they were.

Answer #3

Ultrasounds are never 100% accurate, so don’t rush out and buy anything gender specific. I was told four times (one 3D) that I was having a girl. My son was born and he is a carbon copy of my husband (no mix ups in the hospital). We were still thrilled, but we did waste a lot of money getting ready for a daughter.

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