What happens if you accidently eat expired chocolate?

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Most likely nothing. DId it have some sort of white coating? If not you are fine. If there was, you would likely get the same symptoms as food poisoning; naseau, vomitting, diarrhea.

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Really? I've eaten chocolate that had white powdery stuff all over it, I just heated it up and it was gone and I was perfectly fine.

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Well from what I've read, the white stuff, would be the milk parts of milk chocolate going bad.

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usually best before dates are a fraud :O
chocolate is known to survive for years without going bad

unless the food item has a really bad smell and greenish to gray tincture then it isnt edible,
if you want to know more about the food industry watch the documentary "Food Inc."

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The date expiration date is a minimum date. In all products.

It just means the food is guaranteed to NOT go bad before that date. After the date, the food may still be OKay. You just don't have a guarantee for it.

Chocolate will usually start to taste rancid, and kind of sand-like when it goes bad. The fat in it will go bad before the rest of the chocolate does.
So if your chocolate didn't taste bad, it was probably still edible.

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Actually, the white stuff is called "blooming" and all it means is that the chocolate came into contact with moisture - possibly even just condensation from being taken out of a cold storage place....the chocolate is perfectly fine even if it has white stuff on it.

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Chocolate has more of a "freshness" date than a "expiration" date and all it means is that the quality can't be guaranteed after a certain date - it won't make you sick.

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