Why Does It Seem So Right To Be Accepted If Your A Female Homosexual But So Wrong If Males Are Homosexual?

Answer #1

I think that is because males are more into the whole “being a man thing” They are more aware of their image and they try to show off more and stuff like that. But I do think that woman have a problem with that too, is not just males, yes you do see it more in males but woman have as much discrimination in woman as you see in men.

Answer #2

In general, I do think that both genders have it difficult when it comes to this issue. In a lot of cases the dislike for homosexuality is equal among the genders. It does perhaps tip the scale because some men enjoy females with females more, but I do think that both sexes should be accepted equally. We’re all only human. Our sexual preferences doesn’t make us bad people.

Answer #3

Because men are supposed to be (by tradition) manly…? I agree, “Our sexual preferences (adult to adult) do not make us bad people”. ‘Gay bashing’ of any color is wrong- TOO old.

Answer #4

I’ve noticed this too. I think that for a guy, being homosexual he’d get bullied by guys because most guys don’t think it’s right but he will probably have female friends. And for girls, being a lesbian, other girls might find it hard to deal with but will eventually get over it and guys love lesbians. They love seeing two girls together! So overall I think males have it worse when it comes to other people’s opinions about homosexuality.

Answer #5

Most men feel far more threatened by male homosexuality than lesbianism. In fact, most guys are all for lesbians if they can watch.

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