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Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Favorite Color:
Screen Name:
Favorite Band:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Show:
Your Car:
Your Hometown:
Your Present Town:
Your Crushes First Name:
Your Grade:
Your Style:

Answer #1

eyes:caca brown haha hair:brown height:5’6 fav color:piink sn:starpixiegurl band:circa survive movie:my best friends wedding show:family guy.. the soup car:chevy camaro hometown:anaheim present town:anaheiiim hills crush:andy grade:soph in college style:me

Answer #2

Eye Color: An icy greyish blue color and nope… they’re NOT contacts! Hair Color: Blonde Height: Around 5`4 I know… I’m short… lol Favorite Color: Black, grey, silver, black with blood red… Screen Name: xx_the_a7x_parade_xx Favorite Band: Too many to list… Favorite Movie: Mostly horror movies and some comedy type ones. Favorite Show: Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, Metalocalypse, and some stuff on Fuse a music channel. Your Car: Don’t have my own yet… Your Hometown: Why the fck do you want to know… Your Present Town: Again, why the fck is it YOUR concern… plan on stalking me or something? lol Your Crushes First Name: Wow are you nosey or what?! lol Your Grade: I’d done with school thankfully… Your Style: I’m myself… but I get labeled as goth/emo

Answer #3

Eye Color: BROWN Hair Color: RED AND BLACK Height: 5’6 Favorite Color: GREEN Screen Name: TIME FOR A CHANGE Favorite Band: NONE Favorite Movie: TOO MANY TO CHOOSE ONE Favorite Show: ANTM, THE HILLS Your Car: MAZDA 3 Your Hometown: SAN FERNANDO Your Present Town: SAINT AUGUSTINE Your Crushes First Name: SHELDON Your Grade: UNIVERSITY Your Style: SIMPLE

Answer #4

Eye Color: blue Hair Color: blonde Height: 5 ft 2 Favorite Color: blue Screen Name: “ ally (L) “the sound of silence” “ Favorite Band: Placebo Favorite Movie: butterfly effect Favorite Show: mighty boosh Your Car: dont have one Your Hometown: notts, uk Your Present Town: notts, uk Your Grade: grade? im english I dunno which grade I am over there. Your Style: human

Answer #5

Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 6’7” Favorite Color: orange Screen Name: oilfieldman Favorite Band: Pantera!! Favorite Movie: The Return of the Living Dead Favorite Show: DOG The bounty hunter Your Car: 2004 Chevy 4*4 Your Hometown: Aspermont,Texas Your Present Town: Abilene,Texas Your Crushes First Name: Your Grade: im done with scool…I’ll be 30 this year Your Style: Metal

Answer #6
  1. blue
  2. brown, blonde, red, and my friend says white
  3. short
  4. red
  5. bubbles101
  6. your mom’s band:o
  7. raise your voice
  8. rob & big fer sherr:]
  9. Ford f250 xtra cab long bed 3/4 ton engine [red and white<3]
  10. (928) AZ
  11. (928) AZ :[
  12. James
  13. A+ :D hahahahaha
  14. jeans, skater shoes and cute shirts! duhh:]
Answer #7

Eye Color: grey blue Hair Color: blond Height: 167 cm (appro 5 foot 6 or sumthing) Favorite Color: Blue Screen Name: angelik Favorite Band: mmm. don’t really have one. Favorite Movie: mmm… really have a lot… think hannibal is the top Favorite Show: lol. the simpsons Your Car: a volswagen golf Your Hometown: Pretoria South-Africa Your Present Town: Same one as above Your Crushes First Name: only have a boyfriend Your Grade: not in school. second year at university (3rd year in january) Your Style: crazy

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