Quick survey - what is the min/max you'd date?

Quick survey

What is your min and max age ranges of people you would go out with?

Simply state your age, and the minimum age you would have as a partner.

And most of all, be honest! … Please… Lol

Answer #1

Im 21, and minimum I would date is 22 max I would date is 30…if I werent married, my husbands right in the middle 25 and it works for me :)

Answer #2

I am 16 min age 15 max 20

Answer #3

My age: 20 Max I’d date: 25 Min I’d date: 20

Answer #4

I am 14 and I go out my ages range from 13 to 17! too…

Answer #5

I am 14 and I would go out with some minnum of 13 and max of 17

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