How does an abortion happen - do they actually take the baby out, or what?

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there are different ways how abo rtions are performed up to 9 weeks of pregnancy they give you 2 different medicines 48 hours apart, the effect will be similar to a early natural miscarriage. from 7-15 weeks is the vacuum aspiration where they use gentle suction to remove the foetus from the womb or late medical abor tion from 13 weeks, which is similar to having a late natural miscarriage and is like the 2 different medicines plus another and the abor tion will last longer. I’m not sure if there are any other ways.

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do you guys agree with abor tion

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There’s the suction/vacccum, dilation and evacuation where the fetus is dismembered and removed. Saline injection, partial birth abo.rtion, there are many other ways, read more: (get rid of the period in abor.tiontypes)

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Not me.

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i think it depends on the situation!

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It’s up to the mother.

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i dont agree with it. and i would probably never let my gf or wife do it. but i thnk that women should have the right to have one or not have one since we do live in America. and i think that rights and wrongs when it comes to the laws should have had no influence from the religious community

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It really is up to the mother if she can handle raising a child. Most people would say if you can’t handle the responsibility then why have sex? Unfortunately some people don’t think ahead and if the girl gets pregnant, she might not be ready to raise one. It would especially suck if she was young and brought a child into the world and then not even take care of it. That child would live a sucky life. Every woman should have a choice because it’s their body and they are the one stuck with the responsibility of raising a child.

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“let” your wife do it?i dont mean this in a mean way, but your wife/gf would be an independant women. if she doesnt want to rip open her va.gin.a giving birth and then raise the child while you go to work and brag about what you let her do or dont do, then she doesnt have to do doodly squat.

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