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OK, well a couple of weeks ago I was involved in prostitution…I am pregnant(confirmed by a doctor) I am totally freaked out and need help. There are only 2 people who know, my parents have no clue,(and I’m not telling them(I’m 15) I need to know how many weeks pregnant do I have to be to get…an abortion…I also need to know the best type to have…and how much it will cost…<PLEASE HELP ME>

Answer #1

umm I dont like that girls comment. your baby could turn out to be a president or cure cancer. I hate that excuse. because ( I mean no offense) your baby could turn out to be the next hitler so that excuse is stupid. and you are 13 so w/e. to the girl who is pregnant you do what you want to do. dont listen to anyone else.

Answer #2

Considering you didn’t ask WHETHER you should have the abortion, just wanting resources to do it, I hope you find Planned Parenthood helpful =) People don’t know when to NOT put their political beliefs in a question, I guess.

Answer #3

Here’s planned parenthood’s website, you can look up the nearest one and call them. I’m pretty sure you can get it for sure up to 12 weeks, maybe 16?


Answer #4

I’m hoping this is not true. Your 15 and were a prostitute, and now your pregnant. A little far fetched my dear. To get an abortion, your mother must be with you anyways, your too young to do it alone. You have to tell her.

Answer #5

well, I say have the baby…but thats just me, im strong against abortion

have you seen that show secret life of the american teenager? You can do it!

Answer #6

have the baby and giv it up for adoption. just think, if you were that baby would you want to be killed or put in a foster home? I personally want a foster home. please dont have an abortion. you nevr know, your baby could be the a president or the person to cure cancer. please giv your baby a chance, for me. even though you dont know me. im 13 and a strong christian. I have a lot of wisdom when it comes to advice like this. keep the baby alive. I love you, God loves you, and your baby loves you. Especially your parents love you. God bless. I hope you make the right decision.

Answer #7

Go to a Planned Parenthood. They’re helpful, and you do NOT need your parent’s consent.

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