A rare coin??

I have a coin that is gold and around the size of a round Australian fifty cent coin. It has on one side:
'Peregrinus Apostolicus In Australis MCMLXX'
and on the other:
'Paulus VI Pontifex Maximus'

Does anyone have any information on this coin or know what it's about? It's value would be useful too. Any info though is helpful. It's driving me mad. I can't find anything!

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Hey Steph, our aussie 50 cent coin isn't round., its a 12 sided coin... The 50c is shaped like a dodecagonal :)

Sorry couldn't help you out further but the only advice I can give you is the coin is dated 1970, the coin must have been in circulation around the 70's...Should keep the coin with you as you never never know, one day you could be sitting on a treasure :o

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this is the link: http://www.oztion.com.au/buy/auction.aspx?itemid=6829347...actually its a medal...and it was sold somedays ago for $50...really you are lucky...add me as a friend

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