(A Joke Tell me what you think) Walmart

( First off this is just a Joke no disrespect to walmart it A great place ^_^ Please tell me what you think If you could rate from 1-10 )

Have ya ever Heard of Walmart being the best place to buy things. no. I went there last week. never again. what happen was. I had to get couple of things. so why not go to walmart. so I got to walmart. Everything seem cool. Before I got my things I needed. I went to the little Mcdonald inside walmart.so I said to this kid. I would like a 10 Piece mcnugget. this Punk had the nerve to tell me. “”sorry we dont serve that here””. so I said How about a mc-chicken.they dont have that there.ok so I said a big mac. every mcdonald got them. but not this one. so I got tired of asking. I ask for a Dang soda. he said we got water. I was like is that all ya Serve. he said “”no we got french fries””. so I had enough with this Stone out Kid. So am walking to the check out look at things on the way. I pass by the women Section. and a old lady call me a perver. I wasnt even looking at nothing over there. she just plain out said your a perver. if I was 90 year older OO she would had got beat up. but I stay Calm. And I said to the lady. “”ma’am am simply Walking by to get to the Check out lane”””.. that Old witch had the nerve to say. “”Are you trying to make a pass at me. Are you trying to check me out””..so after that nightmare was over.I got to the check out lanes. The Worker who was Scanning the item. look Dead. No emotion. Like a wall. So I try to cheer her up. and said Good job. That jerk said whatever. I think I had enough of walmart. Next time ill go to a dollar store


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Answer #1

not funny to me. keep trying.

Answer #2

I don’t think this counts as a joke.

Answer #3

You know, hedge, you called this a joke but jokes build up and have punchlines at the end. From your last post I know that what you’re trying to do here is a stand up comic routine, which is very different from a joke. There was a comedian a long time ago - Andy Kaufmann, who could have the audience almost crying with laughter, without saying a word. For about 5 mins he just stood there and looked at them. His facial expressions were very subtle, but he had them in hysterics.

So, it’s very possible that what you wrote would make people laugh if it were performed a certain way. That is where your personal style is going to come in, and that’s what you will need to build. Take some of the best comedians in the world. Their routines would not be funny if they were written down.

So maybe youtube is your best bet. And you dont need an expensive camera. Even a webcam will do.

Don’t give up.

Answer #4

a friend once told me a joke kind of like this, in that it went on and on with what seemed like no point, and no punch-line. but my friend was very enthusiastic when he was telling it, and very animated.

and at the end when everyone in the room was looking at him like he was a freakin retard. he said “and I just wasted 2 minutes of your life”. and then some of the people laughed. but it still wasn’t very funny.

Answer #5

Yeah… I agree… the nursing home at my Wal-Mart keeps tighter reins on their senior citizens… they would never be allowed to converse with the public. I know what you mean about those cashiers as well… at our Wal-Mart they keep their children with them and they’re always asking for your change when the cashiers hand it to you.. annoying as hell…

Right on… hilarious!!!

Answer #6

Haha. I think it was kinda funny. I would crack up if that happened to me. Ahhh 6.

Answer #7

This sucks. -9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Answer #8

this is the worst joke I’ve ever heard -100

Answer #9

this is sooo retarted.. how is this thing funny -200

Answer #10

this wasn’t even a joke just a really long, boring story… 1

Answer #11

This was lame as hell. Please, NEVER attempt to tell a joke ever again. You suck!!!

Answer #12

lame… I give it a 0… :)

Answer #13

Is this even a joke? -4.

Answer #14

umm can I say -10??

Answer #15


Answer #16
  1. how is this funny?
Answer #17


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