a democracy or dictatorship?

is democracy a more or less effecient form of government then dictatorship? and three reasons why you think so?

Answer #1

Dictatorhsips are far more efficient. It is much easier for a single person to have a coherent plan and effectively execute it than a large group.

Democracy requires politicians to spend most of their time building consensuses and making deals. Different elements of government have different agendas so there is constant fighting. It is really amazing that anything gets done.

Of course I still prefer democracy even with its associated problems.

Remember Winston Churchill who commented that Democracy was the worst form of government, except all others that have been tried.

Answer #2

democracy is more efficient policy. 1] democracy allows the citizen to feel part of the country and not just someone to fill a slot. 2] democracy gives the citizen rights 3] one man, for the fact that history shows that man- in singular form, is full of flaws

I’ll give you a fourth… and ellaborate.

Dictatorship is like rock. Democracy is like paper, it covers rock. So now all we have to do is find the Scissors.

Answer #3


  1. in a demoicracy people feel that their voices are being heard
  2. if they get to a point where they hate their chosen leader, they aren’t likely to start a revolution because in a democracy the chosen leader can be voted out of office
  3. absolute power stinks absolutely. too much power can make even the most humble of man crazy for more
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