Is it a good idea to start studying now?

Is it a good idea to start studying from now , 3 months left to school?

Answer #1

if you’re referring to exams, its never too late to study. however, why haven’t you been already? and why the change of focus?

Answer #2

You could - but whether its a good idea or bad depends on your learning abilities. Just don’t study too much because when it comes test time your mind will go blank and you’ll begin to overlook everything. If you want to just skim through the information a bit though, I see no harm.

Answer #3

well its not a bad idea…and youll be far ahead from everyone else which means great grades and more free time in class to talk to people!!!lol

Answer #4

no are you kidding me I’ve never studied in high school once. im in a.p. classes too

Answer #5

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