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My daughter has used a pacifier to sleep with since she was born. She is now 3 with a 3mo old brother & still uses it! She uses it in the car & to watch movies & to sleep! I used to only allow it for sleep, but at the of my pregnancy & after the baby came I got lazy about it. Now I don't know what to do! She longs for her "nye-nye" & with a new baby I can't imagine being up all night with her too if I took it away! I want to help her in a calm way, because my hubby said he's throwing it away July 1st if I can't find a different way! Any suggestions?

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try putting something on it like vinegar?

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my little sister was 5 when she stopped using one. the way we stopped her from using it was to cut off the top of the pacifiers' nipple. she didnt want it because she said it didnt work right. I also know a lot of kids who used this to stop.

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I am a mother of 4. Throw them all away!!! I know it sounds cruel but it will be for the best. Bite the bullet and deal with the crying. Pacifiers are nasty nasty!!! Occupy her with something else she likes. take her to the store and let her pick out a new "special" toy thats just for her. But I'm tellin ya, get rid of them NOW! If you just throw them away, like in an outside garbage, you won't be tempted to give it back. Then you can tell her they are gone. say, "I don't have one to give you." Your'e a mom, sometimes we have to deal with stuff the hard way.

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