2 boys and a lot of stress

Ok, I have a boyfriend right now, and I love him, but I really need a change. I know he loves me a lot, and I love him 2. But I also really like this other guy who’s really sweet and he’s in need of a girlfriend, because I know he’d make an awesome boyfriend. I don’t know whether he likes me or not, but I really like him. What should I do? Stay with my boyfriend, or try something new with my crush?

Answer #1

well you know your current boyfriend likes you and the other one is still a 50-50% so the safe one is your boyfriend but you could also take a chance with the other, keep in mind when you do and it fails you might indanger you relationship with your boyfriend and also since he didnt do anything to you that makes you wanna break uo with him. Just make your desicion wise !

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