I like him a lot but I dont really know him I want him to like me 2

This boy I really like and its weird that I like because I dont know that much about him but I really reaally like him I’ve friggin cried over him. But I dk if ill evn see him again because he keeps movin and all I want is for him to feel the same and to see him again I was tryna forget him but he added a new pic on m.s so I went to looka at it because hes gorgeous -but theres more than to me likin him I don’t know what but I wouldnt crya ova a cute boy-and it brought all the feelings back. How do I get over him if I dont want to I want to like him but I think I should have forgotten about him by now. Sshould I have evn tho I really like him? Im always thinkin about him everytime I close my eyes I see him I just want him too like me so badly and sum peopl say he did/does evn his best friend was like maybe hell go out wit you if you just tell him you like him but when I got the courage it was summer and I cant see him so I mssg him on m.s no response tho then later I found out he and his ex got back to gether before I mssg him and felt so stupid. But it makes me so friigin mad because she friggin asked him out on his 2nd of school and uuugghhh I want to see him and tell him how I feel so badly but I cant what should I do?

Answer #1

I think for that you should just try to be his friend maybe, if it is to hard for you then just try hard to think about something else. If it was me I would still talk to them and be their friends, cause being their friend is better than nothing at all… I would say be his friend maybe start to hang out with him and give it time and see what happens and comes of it! Good Luck!

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