Why do you have to be 18+ to drink SPIKE energy drinks?

Last night i bought one from 7-11, i’m 14 wtf why’d they sell it to me o.o & today my friend & i were drinking it in class, & we were reading the can & it said you have to be 18+ to drink it. I asked my other friend & he said alcohol, but no, you have to be 21 to drink alcohol. Wtfffff

Answer #1

Meaby it contains something else that someone young cannot manage or something? Or meaby the energy it gives you it’s too much for someone young to take. But I guess it’s not ment to be taken extrealy serious because if they sold it to you without asking you age, then I guess it’s fine too. It’s not like a law.

Answer #2

Apparently it’s because there aren’t enough studies done on kids to allow them to drink it legally.

Answer #3

It’s just because of all of the deaths related to energy drinks in young kids recently. Many children think they are cool by drinking like 5 cans of energy drink. Then they have a heart attack and die.

Where I live, there is no age limit on energy drinks, but there should be. Our alcohol age limit is 18 years old. So I think the energy drink age limit should be 15. Though that wouldn’t really do much, they’d just drink what they want anyway.

Answer #4

That makes a lot of sense. People do that here too, they either get ulcers or heart attacks. I thought it was cause of the amount of caffine, cause it says to only drink about half every 6 hours.

Answer #5

that is crazy kids drinking at 18, I’m from tennessee and the age limit to drink is 21 as it should be older…my opinion

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