17 and 13-14

If a boy liked you that was 17 and you were 13-14 and you kinda liked him back..what would you do and wud you tlk to this person anymore?


Answer #1

I’m 13 and my ex boyfriend just turned 17.it was my best relationship although I got really hurt,but only because it was long distance and I ha t break it off cause we were getting too deep if that made sense.. I say go for it cause it can be great but theres a chance some one will get hurt.

Answer #2

I wld if you like him go 4 it bcareful he might turn out to b jerk but my girlfriend an I are 3 years aoart 15-18 an we are really hppy so go 4 it

Answer #3

dont doo ittt hes a senior and your what a freshmen? he is trying to get in your pants,

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