16 and confused about internet boyfriend?

I’m 16 and I met this guy on the internet, on a penpal site, hes 18, hes definetly 18 because you can see hes young on his webcam and its like he gets me completly like not like anyone else does, when I’ve got a problem I talk to him, he makes me feel happy when im sad, hes just been so sweet and understanding, like if im upset nobody ever knows but he knows straight away and trys to help, he asked me out and I said yes but then tonite he sed to me that he wants me sexualy so I sed what do you want to do? and he said I want to force my dick down your throat further than you will have ever experienced, this whilst I make you finger yourself. Then I’m gonna you hard from the front, then force it in your behind, giving you both experiences regardless of how much it hurts and then all over your face, I was just like shocked he sed that and he was being serious, its kinda like a split personality, can anyone make sense of this? x

Answer #1

Everybodys answer is retarded especially that angelfire chickk. it’s good to get to know an internet boyfriend, like without judging them on what they look like, like in life. but its even better that you seem him on webcam an stuff, cause then you know hes real. I say go for it. it makes sense completely.[:

Answer #2

I suggest you get a life OUTSIDE of your computer, and get out and meet REAL people you can actually hang out with, and get to know personally! Your online boyfriend if a perverted scumbag to put it mildly. If some guy told me what he wanted to do to me he would have been blocked. Its NOT a split personality, its who he is. Hes just being nice to get what he wants!

Answer #3

honestly thats a little creepy. I wouldnt ever fully trust anyone met over the internet you just never really know who it could be reguardless of the pics. and thats so graphic what he said that like doesnt turn a girl on that just grosses me out ya no. maybe its just the real him coming out and he made it seem like he was someone to talk to and whatnot

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