14 And Maybe Pregnant

Hey Im Daisy 14 Harlow Essex Im Think Im Pregnant, With My Bother Best Mate. My Last Period Was beginning Of August We Had Unprotected Sex 2ce Im One Night Im Not Sure If He Cummed Tho Im Scared Is Anybody Else 14 And Pregnant Or Thinks They Could Be Im Begging You To Get In Touch! Im Getting , Sick , Hungrey I Like Eating a lot Of Cereal And Cocolate All Of A Suddon Are These Signs? The Intercorse Happend On The 15h Of August Anything Atal Will Help Get Back To Me

Answer #1

Lol, what do you mean anything at all will help? You could have helped yourself and said “no” to the guy, and your urges. You keep feeding that kid cheerios though, he should come out with a great heart!

Answer #2

okay if it happened 5 days ago you wouldn’t be getting pregnancy symptoms this early so for now it’s all in your head. wait a few weeks until you miss your period and then take 2 pregnancy tests or go to the doctor and get a blood test if you want to be sure. and also, even if he didn’t cum, you can still get pregnant from his pre-cum which every guy releases during sex as a natural lubricant.

next time use a condom, dummy.

Answer #3

Your brothers best friend :S awkward

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