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Can a 14 year old get pregnant ?

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So today i had sex w. this girl she is 14 , i used a trojan condom tht i been waitin to use for a while now (it was type dry when i opened it) but it was stil good while i was fuckin her for a few mins, i cum .. when i cum i felt the condom popped but i thought to my self its a trojan dondom it wont pop so i was a litle confident but when i pulled my d-ck out it was poped in the front , i was type scared so i made her eat some salt and made her pii .... she told me dont worry cuz she had sex be4 and boys cummed in her lik months ago and stil never gotten pregnant , i was lik oh well jus in case i hope u not pregnant this time ! SO CAN SHE GET PREGNANT AT HER AGE ?