Do 13 year olds still sleep with their parents?

If they do when do u think they’ll stop?:)

Answer #1

Thats highly inappropriate in my opinion. they are old enuf to get their butts in their own bed

Answer #2

Once a child hits the age of puberty or they start asking questions about different genders, sex, or babies - they should not be sharing a bed with their parents. I dont co-sleep with my son and i never have, i believe children need to sleep in their own rooms and bed and that a parents bedroom and bed is just for the adults.

Answer #3

most teenagers in fact, dont lol. but, if you want a teenager to stop, I would suggest making him/her sleep in his/her own bed for a night or two, then he/she’ll start getting accustomed to their own bed, which’ll make them sleep in their own bed, rather than their parents. Also ,if there was certain things that made that person comfortable with their parents, I would suggest adding a substitute as well.

Answer #4

If they do they shudnt, and they will stop when thr parents make them stop

Answer #5

My opinion is that is a huge no no. they are prob in that resistant phase anyway w the parents.. meaning at tht age everyone said or thought that they wanted to be treated as an adult or not like a child. Unless something tragically happened to you or in your community and you are passed the point of unjcomfortable in your own bed than maybe a night or two will be fine but other than that. its time to grow up, just a little.

Answer #6

I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it. Not everyone has the luxury of having their own room, or even their own bed. I know a few people who shared the bed with their parent until they moved out. They seemed to turn out just fine in my opinion.

Answer #7

i sleep with my mom till i was 15 lol but in different beds..

Answer #8

To an extent I see no problem with it. I’m 16 and when I was still living with my mum (only a couple of months ago) I’d come in her room early on a saturday morning sometimes and go back to sleep. It’s nice to be held and loved sometimes. It doesn’t have to be dodgy. I also used to sleep in the same bed as my sister even though we had our own beds in the same room, and still would if we lived in the same house. It’s comforting. When you love someone, just being with them makes you feel better. I love my family and I love being with them, and I assure you there’s nothing dodgy about our relationships. Sleeping nightly in their parents bed is a bit… different. And I think the person should start trying to sleep in their own bed. But the occasional bed-sharing is fine in my book.

Answer #9

I don’t think there is anything wrong with co-sleeping. In most of the world it is the most common practice. Really young babies can not safely sleep in an adult bed because they can suffocate in soft pillows or comforters or get lodged between the bed and wall. Pushing the bassinet right against the bed can keep baby close until they are old enough roll over on their own.

Humans are probably the only mammal that expects their young to sleep alone; every other mammal lets their young cuddle up with parents.

Years ago one of my neighbors was complaining that she and her husband and hadn’t had a good night sleep since they brought their baby home from the hospital. Their baby awoke often and cried most of the night. I suggested they try co-sleeping. The very next day I saw a furniture truck pull up to their house. Everyone got so much more sleep they retired their queen size bed and bought a king so all three would have more room.

In general kids can slowly move from their parents bed. Sometimes they may move to a toddler bed in the same room, then a bedroll outside the bedroom, then their room. Otherwise most kids want privacy when they start going to puberty and their body is changing. Kids become independent on their own so I don’t see any reason to rush it.

Answer #10

IDK everyone is different,i dont but some get scared andmaybe have problems with being by themselves or sumthn like tht

Answer #11

sounds fine to me, i mean, as long as the whole world doesnt find out about it :) NO kid at school wants a rumor goin’ around that he/she slept in the same room as there parents :)

Answer #12

sounds fine to me, i mean, as long as the whole world doesnt find out about it :) NO kid at school wants a rumor goin’ around that he/she slept in the same room as there parents :)

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