Who loves Funadvice with Spell Check?

Who else really loves the spell check on here?

Well I for one REALLY do. So kudos to the moderators for adding that feature although it was a while ago!

It has definitely cut back on the really annoying questions that look like this: I cant git a hold on spellin what kin you do 2 halp meee!!!

He he. :) Good job Mods!

Answer #1

perhaps a little ad from tinyspell would fit the bill? It’s a small program that sits in your task bar and wil chirp when a word is spelled incorrectly. Works with all message boards. Wonder how many would bother to download it though? Thanks editor…it’s difficult at times to make heads or tails of some of the questions. Sue

Answer #2

I didn’t realize there was a spell check. Thank heaven for that. Makes me wonder if some of the people on here who ask and answer questions even went to school. I agree w/sikashimmer the spelling on some of the answers/questions left something to be desired. Very annoying. I would be embarrased to write or send something like that.

Answer #3


Answer #4

Sigh… I wish it was some really cool software, but its the efforts of our really great editor.

Answer #5

thank you editor! :) You rock.

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