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Is it wrong to hate my younger brother?

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Hopefully this isn't uploaded as a freaking status! (-_-) Anyways! I pretty much hate my brothers guts. I know when people at its only because he is young an when your older you'll be best friends, all that bullsht.. But I know as soon as I am able to leave home, I don't want anything to do with him.. He's a waste of space and by me, an unwanted family member. I know it's mean, but he deserves nothing that he gets. My mum says he is copying me from when I was his age, but I know for a deffinate that two years ago, I was not a fat, greedy, spoilt, big headed, selfish, smelly, unhygienic and an absolute fucktard. He is horrible to me. I do everything he asks me too trying to make him a better person. He complains to my mum and sister literally every day satin I have hit him or been mean to him & I know for a fact that within the past, what, 4 - 5 years I haven't laid a finger on him. We use to scrap a lot when we were younger like most children did. Me and my sister also used to fight but we are almost like best friends... But my brother, I hate. I know I hate him. If he was hit by a car (& Survived of course) I wouldn't give a rotten pigs sh*t.. If he died, that's different because he is my lil' bro.. But still.. I hate him. Is this wrong? & Don't anyone please say "Give him some time he will grow out of it." or anything like that because I have given him 5 years to change. He's 14 he should be more mature than he is right now, especially with the people who surround him. What do you think? Am I in the wrong?