What was your 12th grade graduation theme song?

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Graduation by Vitamin C.

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Time of your life - Greenday (I went back to school several years after dropping out)

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thats everyones though .

ANSWER #4 of 9

Lol I know D: Not original at all.

ANSWER #5 of 9

lmao, but it's really cute.

ANSWER #6 of 9

im not yet, but this years is going to be "the Time (dirty bit)" by the black eye peas

ANSWER #7 of 9

18 till I die. We did it a bit differently.

ANSWER #8 of 9

Iris-Goo Goo Dolls

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We don't have grade school here in Trinidad but my primary school graduationg was One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston. Does that make me really old? Lol. We actually had to sing it too. Lol

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