How do I know when my rabbit died?

My rabbit was sick. I checked on her today dawn and she was laying… eyes closed and body cold and stiff. Is that enough to know she’s been dead long before I check on her? (Her neck was still not as stiff as the body.)

Answer #1

Yes i’d say she’s dead. Why didn’t you take her to the vet if she was noticably sick?

Answer #2

She’s not asking whether their rabbit is dead, but if the signs show whether it was dead long before she checked on it.

Answer #3

Sorry about your rabbit but yeah gabby’s right you should have taken her to the vet

Answer #4

I’m sorry for your loss. I’m not sure how long she has been gone before, but it sounds like she has definitely passed on. Gently remove her from her cage and if possible bury her somewhere where she won’t be disturbed. If possible wear gloves when you pick her up or at least remember to wash your hands really really good after. I would suggest giving her cage and super good washing. Again, I am sorry for your loss, losing a pet is never easy.

Answer #5

The question was “How do I know if my rabbit died?” Why don’t you answer the question considering you know so much about it. It shouldn’t matter WHEN the rabbit died. If she took care of her animals she wouldn’t need to ask this question.

Answer #6

..and you don’t know how long it was sick or - for all you know she was about to bring it to the vet, but then found it laying there…please, just answer the question without assumptions and judgement. It’s bad enough this person has suffered the loss of her pet - don’t add insult to injury by being a prude. And for the record… all animals die, no matter how well you take care of them, so a comment like “If she took care of her animals she wouldn’t need to ask this question” is really moot.

Answer #7

It sounds like rigor mortis has started to set in but is not complete, which happens less than an hour after death in small animals like rabbits - I would say she probably died little more than an hour before you found her…I’m sorry.

Answer #8

Um, I don’t have to do what you say. XD

Answer #9

I’m strongly suggesting that you do…your behaviour can be construed as offensive

Answer #10

You said the question was “How do I know if my rabbit died?”, I believe you read it wrong, because the questions was “How do I know WHEN my rabbit died?”…so, himfromthepowerpuffgirls was correct. Also, I agree with Colleen…and if you want to continue being on the site…then you do have to listen to her, as she one of the admin here.

Answer #11

Thank you Angelee. There’s no need to be rude. I didn’t answer, because I don’t know. I was just pointing out that you didn’t answer her question correctly - YOU read it wrong. Not me. And when did I ever say that I knew so much about it? And I agree with Colleen, you can’t just make assumptions. You don’t know the circumstances. And as she said, all animals die at some point, regardless of how well you treat and care for them.

Answer #12

Thank you. From my heart, Ms. Colleen. Truly. God knows… how devastatingly painful… this… is. She was the reason I woke up every morning. She was the reason I smiled every day. She was the reason I lived through my birthday (this year) without any “attempt,” on my life. Her name was Oktober, by the way. I actually got her because a very good friend of mine suggested she could help. She did. I had no reason to live, before I got her… every year… (my birthday), was/is a struggle.

But who cares to care…

I’m lost and unsure how to feel… I spent the day at school trying to enjoy every class… her dead body… I simply cannot remove off my mind. I don’t know. I want to remain strong. But… she… she was the one from which I got the strength…

She’s gone.

Thank you, again Ms. Colleen. I wish there were more people like you, here, on this site.

Answer #13

There are many people here who are willing to help you through a difficult time…all you need to do is ask for someone to talk to…if you need anything, let me know.

Answer #14

Gabby, you fail sooooo bad:D

Answer #15

And Gabby, maybe if you looked below, to where fallen replied to Colleen’s answer, you’d see that she idolised her rabbit, and that she’s finding it really difficult now that her rabbit has passed away. What you said was so insensitive. How do you think that would make her feel? RIP Bunny.

Answer #16

HAHAHAHAHAHA you people crack me up. :)

Answer #17

You’re like the only person that didn’t critisize my opinion. :)

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