How should I tell my sister-in-law that I can't babysit?

Okays so my brothers wife always makes me watch her 2 kids while she goes shopping, and she never appriciates it. she yells because i dont clean, the reason i dont clean it because im watching her kids.

She never even says thank you or asks if im busy , she just drops them off and leaves. i have a lot of tests to take and a lot of studying but i cant because im always watching her kids in retun of crap! “/ How do i tell herrrr how i feel?

Answer #1

Do you live with them? If not then just refuse to watch the kids. Otherwise wait till she is calmed down and speak to her without getting angry about it. If she doesn’t listen, speak to your brother in a mature way.

Answer #2

No but they live down the block. and i do, when i do she starts complaining about how i never do any so why not. She really sweet but this is the one thing that really annoys me ya know. but im going to try speaking to my brother, thanks.

Answer #3

Just be real with her and don’t beat around the bush just next time she drops them off say you actually have a lot of tests to do and cannot be bothered with children right now and if she’s rude about it then just leave the house when she shows up or something. You are being a pushover by not saying anything and always watching her kids, you need to stick up for yourself and say how you feel or people are always going to take advantage of you.

Answer #4

The let her complain, tell her that if she is going to treat you like dirt that she can find someone else to watch the kids. You aren’t a slave and your aren’t the maid. Does she at least pay you for looking after them?

Answer #5

Yeahh i kinda getthe same problem every other time :L. i have anger issues so i had to tone down on that and when i did, i just didnt have the heart to say no to people :L it sucks.

Answer #6

Yeah i know. And no she doesnt but i dont want her to pay me i just want her to realize im busy with school and stufff

Answer #7

I tell her all the time i even bug out on her, but she doesnt listen and its so annoyinggg

Answer #8

Whens he comes over and tell drops them off say that you can’t do that anymore because you have stuff to do. Meaby try teling to your brother so meaby he can have a word with her.

Answer #9

Just say oh sorry I’m going to the Library with a study group today in 20 minutes!

Answer #10

Speak the truth in Love, just be honest. Blessings!

Answer #11

You need to tell her that you will no longer be able to take them with no notice. Let her know that she needs to ask you in advance (give her a time frame - 1 day, two days,…) and if you have the time you will watch them but otherwise she will have to make other arrangments. If she gives you a hassle then calmly let her know that your studies come first. That you are 17 and do not want the responsibilities of taking care of children this often. Let her know that if she wants to hire you on a permanant basis then you would be happy to come to an agreement on payment for babysitting.

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