How would someone who didn't identify as any gender respond when asked what gender they were?

Would they just be like “I’m nothing :D” or what?

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The best of both worlds?

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Miley Cyrus? D:!

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LMAO Miley Cyrus? I think I’m having a hard time understanding your question lol

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Like, some people don’t call themselves anything. Like, my friend doesn’t say she’s a male or a female cuz she doesn’t think she is >.< like…yeah xD So what would someone who was like that say if they were asked their gender?

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Hmm. Maybe they would just put neither and be cool like that lol. It would make people wonder

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They would say neither. Although that would be extremely difficult if they were to live in a world that spoke english. You’re identifying her as ‘she’. My friend doesn’t say ‘she’s a male or a female’, basically you’ve already identified her as female. There are people who see themselves as androgynous. And I guess that’s what they would just say neither. Or put in whatever word they choose to identify with.

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Your friend’s gender is female, but ‘her ‘ sexual identity is neutral.. Having that sort of ambiguous identity is sometimes due to traumatic happenings during her childhood. What ever ‘her’ sexual identity ends up as, your friend may benefit greatly from some therapy to help her come to grips with the underlying problems. If your friend feels that therapy could help, or if your friend is experiencing problems due to the ambiguous identity I would suggest talking with the school counselor. Also there may be a neighborhood organization that could help. Where I live (York, PA, USA) there is an organization that I am involved with called THE CURVE that LGBT teens can go to for help and support. The CURVE operates under the auspices of Planned Parenthood. There are groups that can give non-judgmental support and help to young teens such as your friend - or even yourself. . Good Luck!!

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Okay ^.^ thanks! I know I said she lol cuz she’s obviously female…like OBBBVIOUSLY >.< but when we talk about her we just say her name instead of ‘her’ or ‘she’ lol so it’s like ‘Wheres Sam?’ ‘Sams at her house, Sam couldn’t come today’ xD lol but here it doesnt really matter.

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OH F*CK! it would be Sams at Sams house >.<

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In lots of forms and stuff in NZ there are three choices for gender - male, female and indeterminate

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Lol. I am just pointing out how the english language is built on this idea of binary genders. Which does not play out in reality. Because gender at the end of the day is all in the mind. It has nothing to do with your body’s sexual characteristics. Actually they’ve done research showing people pretty much figure out their gender by age 2 or 3. Transgendered individuals start to display signs of cross-gender behavior and identification as early as 2 or 3. Sexuality has nothing to do with gender identity of course. She is interesting though. I’ve learned a bit about transgendered individuals, but never about a complete lack of identification with either gender. I have heard a little about androgyny in regards to the visual kei in Japan which is kind of subculture/music style mixed in one (think of emo). Well whatever. Sam is who Sam is. I guess the rest doesnt matter.

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True, true :) thanks.

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