What are the differences between a hurricane, and a tornado?

Answer #1

a hurricane has water :/

Answer #2

This was supposed to be a question.. :( It starts with “what”, ends with “?”…and it hasn’t been asked before…

Answer #3

It’s still being answered and really thats what matters :) As they said a hurricane involves water there always by oceans while tornados are land locked and dont have water in them.

Answer #4

both have powerful winds…a hurricane is basicaly like a larger much more powerful thunderstorm, even bigger than a tropical storm…and they r generaly whr large bodies of water r like oceans then they sometimes hit land….a tornado usualy (i think) start as a thunderstorm then basicaly the sky turns black and green and a big round funnel (the tornado) may turn out….im not getn in2 scientific details but basicaly thts wat i kno…and as a side note iv lived thru a tornado if u hear one (thr loud and sound like a “freight train”…) get to somewhr safe as possible immediately…and my best advice with hurricanes is if u hear tht ones coming in a few days or watever get ur stuff and evacuate…sry this is so long

Answer #5

wow sorry about wat happend to u luckypup25. but back on topic hurricanes can only happen in warm climates so places like Alaska canada ny maine all those places r goo d if there around water same thing goes 4 a tornado but if a tornado gets in a big enough body of water it turns in to a water spout and then dies out hurricanes on the other hand cant go on land wat destroys houses and land and all that other stuff is its hight winds and thows cant get to far away from the hurricane it self see so no mater were you go unless its cold you have a okay chance of getting hit by one but no a big chance no big at all

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