how do i get back?

well as you may know i`m 13 and i am in the seventh grade. at my school there are some girls that call themselves “popular girls” and they have taken away just about all my friends eccept two who have been true to me. but now they are insulting me on facebook and telling the school that i am emo and im very stupid and weird…..and it upsetsw me because they think because i am different it gives them the rights to sread rumors about me and my friends!!!!! so i want to know how to get back at them stupid ugly piple faced hoes!!!

Answer #1

Stop worrying about them and they will get bored. What does it matter what they think of you? You know that you are not stupid and weird, as do your two friends. If you try to get back at them and let your anger with them take over your life, its only going to hurt you, not them.

Answer #2

You don’t need to get back at them. You’ll just be stooping down to their level. Just be confident and know that they needed to do that to build themselves up but you can build yourself up without hurting anyone.

Answer #3

Being popular is not important,they are mean and they have nothing better to do.I will suggest you to be calm first and let other people at school know better about you and who you really are,thats what important right now.Everybody at school will appreciate your kindness and jolly nature and totally ignore what those girls are talking about you.They don’t have any right to say things on facebook,but you can simply ignore them.They are just jealous and the best way to get rid of them is taking things lightly,ignoring them and enjoying with your other two friends.Show her that you don’t care about what she is saying.When she will realize that you are actually happy and the things she say are not affecting you,she will definitely not do that again. I know these types of things upsets people,this thing happened with me too,and the best way i found out was ignoring and enjoying my own life,you will totally forget about them. Lastly,you are thirteen,you should not worry about them and do well in your studies,i am sure your marks will be way better than those girls who have nothing to do but bullying. All the best. :)

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