what was your favorite thing to do when you were a kid?

Answer #1

I think some of my best memories when I was a kid were with my cousin and we would always hang out and do stupid stuff. I’d go to work with her or we’d go to the park at night. So hanging out with her was probably my favorite. Other than that I can’t think of much. My childhood wasn’t all that great

Answer #2

Cause trouble. xD

Seriously, though, it would probably have been spending time with my grandparents. They were very good to me and loved me a lot, so we did a lot together and I always enjoyed being with them. I really miss them now that they’re gone.

Answer #3

Draw pictures. I always drew pictures on newspapers back then, either that or watch Sailor Moon.

Answer #4

i can’t say there was one thing imparticular ,i pretty much enjoyed everything .except for a girl i knew that lived 2 buildings down from me.her name was sherrie.we would gather up cardboard boxes and make a house,we would sit in there and kiss every chance we got.she had soft smooth little lips just as sweet as cherries.i guess we were about 10 years old

Answer #5

When I was young, say between 9 and 12, my neighborhood was full of kids, so all summer long we would play games like hid and seek till it got dark, which was about 10PM. Then after that tell ghost stories till our parents called us in. Then as I got older I would go to the beach all day long.

Answer #6

when i was kid my favorite thing was to eat chalk,it was so tasty for me and i was addicted.i always took some and ran in the curtain and hide there and eat some,i was always scared that my mom would see me and beat me. :)

Answer #7

My neighbor had these two white birch trees. All the neighborhood kids met there after school in the afternoons… climbing up to different spots. A few limbs stretched across creating a bridge for us to trek over. We spent most of our time there either talking or planning the rest of the night. There was a peculiar smell to the trees that still reminds me of those early fall afternoons.

Answer #8

I rode horseback every day for years and years and years….

Answer #9

there was a culdesac behind our house when i was little and tons of other kids my age lived there, we used to all get together and play capture the flag and we’d all ride our bikes. It was fun :) the boy i’m with now also lived about 3 blocks away from me back then so i’d walk over there and nervously watch him shoot hoops haha.

Answer #10

play with mudd! hehehehe :]

Answer #11

draw on the wall :P

Answer #12

Playing outside with all my friends we’d play tag for hours!!! x)

Answer #13

Listen to music on my walkman. Play games on my computer. Play capture the flag with my neighbors. I could probably make a huge list here.

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