What are 10 things you would say to yourself if you had the chance?

Answer #1

me :] :

  1. Shut the f*ck up.
  2. Go f*ck yourself.
  3. Sit the f*ck down.
  4. You’re amazing.
  5. Calm the f*ck down.
  6. I love you.
  7. I don’t give a fu*k.
  8. You’re gorgeous.
  9. Move the fu*k on.
  10. F*ck you, bitch.
Answer #2

1.I love u 2.I respect u 3.I m always with u. 4.kip rocking 5.Enjoy life. 6.Kip working for welwishers. 7.Kip dreaming big.. 8.Dont think cheap in any conditions 9.God is with u

  1. Dont waste time, bcoz life is made up of time.. wasting time is like wasting life..
Answer #3

why so many f*cks ?

Answer #4
  1. what the f*ck is wrong with you?
  2. you’re a waste of space.
  3. you self pity yourself to much.
  4. stop fishing for compliments. 5.get your priorities straight.
  5. i hate you.
  6. you’re such a bitch.
  7. i love you.
  8. life will be better in the future.
  9. ur ugly, with the occasional hint of beauty ! lol
Answer #5

i dont like # 2 :(

Answer #6

lmfao “ sit the f*uck down. “ xD

Answer #7

:P i love cussing.

Answer #8
  1. fix ur hair
  2. go home
  3. take a bath
  4. brush your teeth
  5. go poo
  6. fix your things
  7. take a rest
  8. avoid unhealthy foods
  9. love yourself
  10. be yourself
Answer #9
  1. get your grades up 2.what the fck are you doing? 3.you need to stop fcking your life up 4.your too conceided 5.why hurt yourself 6.fix your problems 7.learn frm your mistakes so you wont go through the pain no more 8.you’ll be succesful :D
    9.be greatful you are here 10.its worth to be living
Answer #10
  1. Keep being awesome.
  2. Trust him, he’s put up with enough of your bullsh*t.
  3. The world is not out to get you, stop thinking like that.
  4. Thank your friends for putting up with your sh*t.
  5. Jesus Christ, stop dropping classes and pick a career path already.
  6. Sharing your feelings may not always be a bad thing.
  7. As Paul always said: Risks can equal rewards, greater rewards than could ever possibly be achieved without the risks.
  8. Tell your grandparents to f*ck off already.
  9. Exercise more. Your figure won’t be awesome forever.
  10. Actually take some advice for once. You can only stand alone for so long.
Answer #11

My favorite word is F*ck.

Answer #12

#3 contradicts almost all of the other ones. So does 4.

Answer #13

1.Would you shut up!

  1. Dont say it!
  2. wow that was harsh’
  3. dont do it!!
  4. your not fat! 6.your beautiful too
  5. they need you right now.
  6. stop being a selfish little bitch
  7. get over it
  8. Calm the f*ck down
Answer #14
  1. lose weight
  2. lose weight
  3. lose weight
  4. lose weight
  5. lose weight
  6. lose weight
  7. lose weight
  8. lose weight
  9. lose weight
  10. lose weight
Answer #15
  1. move the fu*k on
  2. stop being a pu*sy and say it
  3. your a twat :P
  4. get a life
  5. just do it already
  6. chill the f*ck out
  7. get to the f*cking studying -
  8. seriously o.O
  9. get a move on
  10. your gay :P


Answer #16

The most positive answer yet - thank you for setting a good example

Answer #17
  1. put the beer down 2.put the cigerette down 3.go take a nap 4.nobody likes you 5.nobodies staring at you, quit being so paranoid 6.do your schoolwork
  2. be nice
  3. keep your hands to yourself 9.stay out of trouble 10.get a job
Answer #18
  1. hunny you need to stop
  2. holy shiz what did you just do!
  3. calm down!
  4. stop!
  5. you really are pretty
  6. grrrrrr.
  7. you deserve to be called a cu*t somtimes.
  8. wow.
  9. sl*t
  10. i love you
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