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New bench sweater. But...

Okay.. I don't usually buy brand name clothing. I have 1 american eagle shirt and an a&f hoodie that I got for christmas... The rest are from urban planet.. Stitches and garage and stuff but like.. Yesterday.. I was just looking at the bench sweaters a...


Graduation Dress

Well, I am a senior & I am graduating from high school. I can only wear a white dress on the ceremony
I want something classy & lady like. Nothing too short, too trampy.
I need help with the type of clothe/textile & the design.
I am curvy, busty & ...


Where can I get Bows and Leggings?

where can you get big hair bows, little hair bows, cute barrettes and such? I went to meijers and they just had colourful headbands, thin and thick. and yeha I bought them. but they didnt have bows... none what so ever. of course im shopping for thing...


What should I get my Girl for xmas?

okay, so my girlfriend and I havent been dating for too long, but we've been talking for a long time. Anyways, she's 19, and I'm 16. Well Christmas is coming up and she got her heart set on getting me a pricey gift. like $100-$200. I hate accepting gif...


Flat Broke And In Need Of Stuff! :D

I'm young. So young,I can't have a real job. I could babysit. I could do mow the lawn. I could do the laundry. I could clean the whole house. I could do probably much more than that. Thing is,I've mowed the lawn,cleaned the house,did the laundry,washed...


Could somebody help my find some good skate shoes?

Hey guys! I need some help, like BIG TIME. I need to buy me some good skating shoes. But I am very specific. They have to be purple - Not entirely, but perferably MOSTLY purple. Not light lavendery purple, a darker, deep purple.They HAVE to be hi or mi...


What's the best flatlanding bike for a girl?

Yes, that's right. I am a female and as bizarre as it sounds, I have shown Great interest in Flatlanding Bmx.

I have already a 540 Air Dave Mirra Haro that I bought for $310 back in 2002 that has a pretty heavy frame.

Too Heavy for my light body...


Smart Car, Price.. Thoughts?

Am Highly Considering Buying A 2008 Smart Fortwo 2d Passion Coupe For $16,991 (USD) It Is Black With A Metallic Strip On The Exterior And It Only Has 100 or So Miles On It And It Comes Has All This Stuff... • Air Conditioning • Cruise Control • Power D...


Boyfriend's 23rd birthday gift ideas?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost four years. I know that by now I should have an idea of what to get him, but honestly I don't. After so many years together you tend to run out of creative ideas.
I know what he likes (music, video games...


accused of stealing

our son was accused of stealing goggles recently. Initially, I believed him to be guilty.
Being 13, I thought perhaps- an impluse? But, we had discussed buying these goggles, and I had told him to pick out a pair, and I would come and see them since ...


What should I get my boyfriend for xmas?

Im not sure what to get my boyfriend yet; he told me for a while now that his mum is getting him a new jacket which she still hasn't so I thought I'll get him 1 and I was going to buy COD 5 [call of duty 5] cause his best friend told me he wants it, wh...


How can I refuse gifts without hurting the giver?

So, here's my problem. My brother is having a very difficult time, he is ill and he can't work. So my parents help him a lot. They pay his home, his phone and electricity and sometimes his food. I moved out some years ago, I live with my husband and my...


Gift for my boyfriends 17th birthday

Alllrighty guys,
We've only been dating for like.. A month, but by the time his birthday comes around we'll be just a couple days from 2 months. (its october 6 right now, his birthday's october 26th, and our 2 month's november 1st)

So, with that in mi...


cheap white graduation dress legging bow boyfriend 23rd birthday