How to buy a skateboard?

How to buy a skateboard?

Answer #1

go to a1 skateboardings website then look at reviews and stuff for the parts

for a beginner I would suggest a Flip dech lucky berings any trucks as long as they are light and any weels (sould be between 53 and 56 mm

Answer #2

with money

Answer #3

go to your local skateshop and look at the decks.if you skte vert/park get a wider board like an (8.0) but if you skate street get a thinner board like a (7.5) or (7.75).dont get it for the graphic get it for the feel. also ask the people in the the shop they should be frienley xD

Answer #4

Go to Journey awesome skate shop they have boards there pretty sweet or but off internet

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