What is zinc good for ?

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i take zinc citrate,, and its good for controlling oil production, which helps prevent pimples.. and it also helps make your p*nis bigger ^.^ those are the only things i know, and the only reasons i take it hahaha

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Lol, I was thinking hmm maybe I should try it when I only read the first part.

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Some other benefits I found, immune system, digestion, energy and metabolism, improves wound healing, also with eczema, weight loss, cold, and of course acne. There are much more benefits than I wrote here. Zinc is often found in the strong muscles in your body, and is found in many foods.

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How on earth does it make your p*nis bigger? It's good for your skin and general immune system. It helps prevents cold sores and helps for oily skin.

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haha you should try it anyway :P

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i dunno :S but i am bigger than before so im happy :P

Muffin top.

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Lol. You're 17. It supposed to grow from when your younger until you are now.lol.

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