Zac Efron to play Kurt Cobain in new movie?!!

Zac Efron is not even good enough to play Kurt Cobain! Kurt was an amazing man and Zac Efron is just an annoying american idiot! Upset much. :[

Your views?

Answer #1

I found this online:

Courtney Love made an official announcement saying Ryan Gosling but later changed to James McAvoy would portray her former husband, Kurt Cobain, in his upcoming bio film.

I can’t find anything saying Zac Efron is playing Kurt cobain.

Answer #2

James McAvoy would be sooo much better than Zac Efron. If he plays it, I won’t see the movie! lol

Answer #3


Answer #4

At this point, I’m surprised that anything comes out of Courtney Love besides crabs and despair.

Answer #5

Hm.. I don’t know.

He might be better at the part than you think.

Answer #6

where did you hear he was playing him???

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