In yr10 and need a formal dress

Hey im in yr10 and need a formal dress. I’ve done gymnastics for 6yrs and have quite an athletic and/or muscular body. I need a dress to suit me. What kind of dress will suit me.

This is what I think: A short dress above the knees (the top of my thighs are muscly so I think just below that) Tight at the top then flair out under the bust - baby doll style but puffier Straps as I have quite broad shoulders

What do you think???

Thankyou sooo much for your help.

Tell me to answer your questions if you want :)

Answer #1

hmmm not really as my shape isnt that good. I dont want it to flare out from the hips area because I have quite short legs. thats why I wanted it from under the bust and short so my legs look longer.

Is that the right way to think lol? THANKS :)

Answer #2

if you want above knees but below thighs then find a dress like that that you like, but I think since youve been doing gym for so long im assuming you have a good body so what about a tight figure hugging dress that shows off your shape? maybe one thats tight in the tummy area and flares out. or ruffles into a skirt. it would be nice with an open back too. also consider colours. hope you have fun.

Answer #3

a short dress probably will suit you. and straps that are more than two fingers I think is good for broad shoulders. below the knees but showing the legs sounds like a good idea. you most likely have nice legs with all that exercise. I looked up baby doll dresses and they are pretty cute but you should still consider other dresses. you never know which one will look best on you. I hope I helped at least a little and I hope you have a killer dress for wherever you’re going. :)

Answer #4

thankyou for answering :)

but I was thinkink ABOVE the knees BELOW my thighs. if you get that. my legs rnt that good shape because the top of my thighs touch because they’re muscley and a little fatty. but below that is okay.

please answer again. I appreciate it sooo so so much :)


Answer #5

yea that soundz nice :)

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