Youtube video ideas?

Any Good ideass for a funny youtube video using moviemaker?

Answer #1

Anything random, cool, eyegrabbing, fun, crazy, excited, extreme that kinda stuff. And watch the language when making a video because nobody likes to hear 5 minutes of “oh @&$?” or “#%££ look at the b@$&%” hope it helps. :)

Answer #2

do some sketches I.e. the spaghetti shop or the mad girl and do daft or stupid things to grab peoples attention and not boring 1 hour videos - I hate them you’re looking for about 1 - 5 minutes the longest id di one for was 4 mins 35 secs x

Answer #3

music vid. Just get pics from also visit my channel

Answer #4

make a video where you put it in slow motion or speed up and you could make it sound like your crazy. check out my youtube channel : coolbeans802 and subscribe please

Answer #5

I love when people post videos that makes you want to ohh… what is it called… uhm yeah you know when people like “answer” your video and post one theirself. Have you seen the one were some person asks people to send a video where they smile… that´s the sort of thing I like.

I also like when people just do some really random stuff.. it just cracks me up. Like “How to be Gangster”– oh my gosh one of my top ten!!

Anyways use your imagination.. its so boring watching the same stuff over and over again.. And if it turns out to be any good… send me the link :)

Answer #6

suck some more coke glasses idiot

Answer #7

Depends on what your going for, from blogging to acting to music videos. You could always do a compilation of something to a funny song, like a famous t.v. show or something :/ Just an idea!

Answer #8

Here are some Youtube video ideas:

[link removed]

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